Exploring Dayboro ‘The Town of Yesteryear’

I have been living and working at Farm Animal Rescue for three weeks now, it’s a vegan farm about an hour from Brisbane, the farm rescues animals from the meat and dairy industry. You can read about some of the animals and my first two weeks on the farm here.

On my days off I like to walk down to the local town for some coffee and civilisation! Dayboro town is a 20 minute walk from the farm. It’s a tiny little farm town with a population of about 1,600 people. The first time I went there I was captivated by how small and quaint the town was. It has a really ‘old farm town’ feel to it with its old wooden clad buildings, little independent shops and peaceful laid back vibe. I mean even the town sign is adorable! ‘Yesteryear’…like c’mon!When you walk around the town you really feel like you’ve gone back in time! The place is so idyllic and it’s lovely to see all the little quirks that this town has to offer.

I fell in love with the petrol station and the church, I mean look at them! They are so cute and remind me of something from 1940’s America (…the church also reminds me of the church from The Walking Dead!…thankfully there aren’t any creepy messages carved onto the side of this one)My days in Dayboro are usually centred around food (duh!), coffee and free wifi! There is a great little cafe which has vegan options too, I’ve had breakfast and lunch there a few times, their smoothies and Frappes are to die for!

My next stop is usually one that I spend most of my day at and it’s a real gem. It’s a lovely coffee/book shop called Rendezvous which has a really nice, relaxed atmosphere and it also has a really sweet book exchange outside which is too cute! The books that are on sale in the shop are really great books too, lots of art and photography books, nature books and adult colouring books. I’m now one of those annoying people who buys endless cups of coffee so I can scrounge the free wifi. It’s nice to do it in this cafe though because the people are really friendly, the coffee is amazing and they once played a Bright Eyes song in there so I’m always gonna go back!

Another random little place that I stumbled across in Dayboro was a weird flower shop/antique shop/saddle shop. It was incredible and so unique! It’s starts off as a really cool plant shop…
…which has lots of cool handmade furniture and statues and an art gallery upstairs!
…you then turn the corner and it’s an antique shop! The lady who runs the shop was really lovely and was telling us all about the building, it used to be an old butter factory. The building itself was amazing with beautiful high ceilings and lots of character. What a unique place to find in such a tiny little town!
This is one of the things I love about travelling, you stumble across little places that you’d never normally encounter. Dayboro isn’t in any of the travel guides for Australia because it’s so small but I love little places like this, they have so much character and they are great to explore. Even though there isn’t much to do here, I’m going to miss my days in Dayboro…..and the chai lattes… and lazy afternoons surrounded by books and good music!

I’m going to end this post with a creepy photo of the view as you leave the town, the name on the sign doesn’t help, obviously I had to edit it to make it look even creepier…


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