…A little update 

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog and there isn’t any real reason for this, just the fact that I’ve been rubbish at documenting what I’ve been up to!

Here are a few little things that I’ve been doing –

Random nights playing Put Put (crazy golf to us non aussies!)

I also go into Brisbane City at least once a week, it’s nice to go to a city that has a calm vibe about it. There is a man-made beach that you can hang out at too, great places to eat, cinemas and lovely quiet spots along the river that you can sunbathe and draw in! -SPONTANEOUS TRIP TO SYDNEY-
I also went to Sydney for a week! I was staying with Charlotte, one of my oldest friends from home who is also travelling. It was a very spare of the moment thing but it was a great week! It was great to see a familiar face and lovely to catch up after 5 months apart.-BACK TO BRISBANE- and more Golf, this time on one of the hottest days!
-COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS- Watching the Christmas Show in the city one evening! It was so weird having the lead up to Christmas in a HOT country, it really didn’t feel like it was Christmas time at all! It was weird to be going into town to the watch the Christmas lights wearing a summer dress and flip flops!

We headed down to Byron on Christmas Eve to spend a few days down there. It was so lovely to spend it with a big group of people, everyone was so friendly and it was great to all be together…even if it did rain all day! Here is a little video from Christmas Day (sometimes is doesn’t play on phones but will play on the computer!)

Before we knew it, it was New Years Eve – to be honest we didn’t have any real plans but we ended up in the city and had a great night out! It was great to see in the new year in a new country and spend it with new friends!
...and that’s kind of been my last few weeks. I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly! It’s been great to see new sights, meet new people and see in the new year in a great country!


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