The new adventure – my first few days in Brisbane.

After three plane journeys back to back I was finally in Brisbane, I have never been happier to see Jake when he collected me from the airport, it’s been nearly two years since I saw him so I was super excited to see him, I hugged him and instantly burst into tears, I couldn’t believe I was finally in Australia, that and I was really, really tired!


For the first few days I just chilled out, it honestly felt like I was readjusting to being back in civilization! The noises from the road was deafening, so much so that for the first days I kept the windows and doors shut! It was weird suddenly being in such a built up area after living in the middle of the jungle for two months, the only noises I would hear there were birds or frogs (yep…one night I got woken up by frogs!)

Two days after I got here it was my 29th birthday! It seemed like it had come around stupidly quickly and I hadn’t really thought about it to be honest. In the UK the changes of the seasons get you acclimatised to certain times of the year…in the UK November is cold, dark and miserable – in Australia November is HOT, let me tell you that’s a bit weird to get your head around! On my birthday Jake woke me up so that we could have breakfast together before he headed to work, he also gave me my presents and I opened cards from home which had been posted to Jake’s house. I also had my lovely card from all my Sepilok family – there was definitely a theme with my cards and presents this year!
img_7069I decided to go into the city for my birthday so I hoped on the bus and was there in under 20 minutes. I bought myself a few bits, a new cruelty free shop had opened up in the city so I headed there and got chatting to the lovely woman who owns it. I also popped to LUSH so I could stock up on a few bits.
img_7118On the evening of my birthday me and Jake took the dogs for a nice walk in the forest opposite his house. Then we went out for dinner – Vegan Pizzas! YES PLEASE! We drove to a place about 10 minutes from Jake’s house and had the best pizzas, after eating rice and noodles for the last two months a big pizza was great!

I’ve also been exploring the surroundings near Jake’s house by going on dog walks. Jake’s housemate has two beautiful black labs who have been keeping me company during the past week! There is a big forest just opposite Jake’s house so I’ve been going there with them, it’s great to walk around, although I did get lost in there on the first day with the sun beating down on me, with no water and no idea which way to go…I had visions of the film 127 hours flashing through my brain, what happens if I get bitten by a snake?! I have no sim card in my phone! How long can you last without water?! Why is no one else in this forest?!….after about 20 minutes of panicking I figured out that I wasn’t going to die and managed to find out where I was…phew! No arm chopping for me!
img_7123img_7124img_7126img_7128Jake and I have also been going on bike rides in and around the city. One day we caught the bus into the city and picked up some bikes while we were there, they are the same as the Boris bikes in London and only cost us $2 for the day!


Catching the Citycat to collect the bikes

DCIM101GOPROGOPR2630.DCIM101GOPROGOPR2632.It was great to cycle in the city, it was so relaxing (even though it was 35 degrees out and I was paranoid I was going to get burnt!) we cycled along the river and it was great to take in all the sights.

The day after we cycled into the city from Jake’s house, this is when I saw one of the best sights I have ever seen – Jake getting attacked by a magpie whilst cycling through the park! The magpies over here swoop at you to protect their babies and you often see people with sticks etc stuck to their helmets to try and fend them off!
img_7129After the Magpie incident we cycled into the city, once again it was over 30 degrees but we had such a good time! It’s great cycling into the city, it’s all sectioned into cycle lanes so it’s a really easy ride. I haven’t been on a bike in years but we ended up doing over 10km that day!

My first few days in Brisbane were a bit of a shock to the system, going from ‘working’ 6 day weeks in Borneo, with a laid back lifestyle to being in the city, with the hustle and bustle that goes along with that was a bit strange at first but it’s been a great first few days. Going into the city is really nice and it’s great to walk around see new sights.I’m looking forward to exploring the city more and meeting new people along the way!


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