Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary: 9th September 2016

So today was a sweltering day, you can feel the heat as soon as you wake up. It’s so humid in the morning here and the sun was scorching!
Today John took half of our group the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary which was about 25 minutes away from our guesthouse.
We ventured a different way in the car this time and we got to see some different sights – mainly the huge acres of palm trees that line both sides of the main road. The view is breath-taking and really is like nothing I’ve seen before. Since being here all of us have wanted to find out more information on the palm oil plantations. John has told us bits and bobs when we’ve asked and it’s so interesting to hear about. Palm oil is the number 1 trade in Borneo and roughly 20% of all palm oil sold in the world comes from Sabah, which is where I am staying. We were asking John about the ways in which they make the oil and he told us that is comes from the fruit and that it can be ground up and put into a lot of things like food, beauty products etc. He then pulled over and picked a piece of fruit to show us what it looks like and it was great to see a piece. I’m really interested to learn more about palm oil while I’m here as it effects on the forest are huge.

We arrived at the Sanctuary and the sun was still scorching us!


The sanctuary itself was relatively small but the views were incredible! You walked out onto a wooden deck and were presented with huge green trees and lots of wooden platforms for the monkeys to climb on. The trees started to rustle and little orange flashes started to appear, then little faces started popping out on the trees, then they all started leaping onto the platforms as a man has started to feed them.



Watching these monkeys was so different to watching the Orangutans, these ones seemed to be on the look out alot more and one shriek from one of them and they’d all dart off into the trees again! It was fascinating to watch them interact with each other and you could definitely see that there was a hierarchy in the group.




There was also a Hornbill that flew in from a tree to be fed a banana, it was such a beautiful bird and it’s beak was huge!

After the Hornbill we went back and watched the monkeys again, there was a mother and a baby and I could have watched them all day. The way the mother was grooming him and he was going off to explore and then getting scared and running back to Mum, or anyone that would save him! The other monkeys were very gentle with the baby and it was lovely to watch them all with him.


I’m absolutely loving spending the time watching these amazing animals in their natural habitat, the way they interact and use their environment around them in incredible to see and definitely something you don’t get when you watch them at the zoo. What another great day!


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