Day two: Pool & Cocktails (…I know right?!)

After an amazing nights sleep I woke up refreshed and ready to start a new and exciting day! We all ate breakfast together which was lovely and then decided to venture down to the feeding platform again.


The platform is a short walk away from the centre and it’s where tourists can see the Orangutans so it can get quite busy. We got there early and the jungle seems quite peaceful, then you’ll notice the trees will start swaying and rustling, then you’ll see a flash of Orange! The food is placed on the platform so everyone can get a good view, it’s fascinating seeing them sorting through the food on offer, trying to pick out the best piece of fruit on offer!


We stayed there for an hour or so then came back to the resthouse and got our swimming gear ready as there is a hotel near by with a pool and wifi! It was glorious to be able to cool off in the pool, which was actually like a warm bath! but it gave us all some relief!
After the pool we headed to another local hotel for cocktails as it was Sarah (another volunteer’s) birthday! It was so lovely sitting with everyone, sipping cocktails having a laugh and a chat and getting to know one another.



One thought on “Day two: Pool & Cocktails (…I know right?!)

  1. Kay Baker says:

    Wow wow wow!!!! Great to read your blog and see your wonderful pictures.. So pleased to hear it is all you wanted it to be and more. Will take IPad and show grandad. Take care. Kay and Billxx


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